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Thursday, March 27, 2008
Probably my last post...
Sorry Guys but this site can no longer be a priority in my life.
This is probably not a surprise.
Most of the ongoing series are about finished, ill
finish those but otherwise, thats it.
Its been one year since i started site and well it's been fun.
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They Are My Noble Masters

They Are My Noble Masters

Plot: Uesugi Ren and his sister Mihato ran away from home because of domestic violence. When they at last reach the city they have a hard time finding work (and money). They eventually enter the service of the Kuonji family, making a pledge of absolute loyalty. Thus Ren`s days of being a butler to the demanding Kuonji heir begins...

Genre: Comedy, Romance, Ecchi, Harem
Format: Rmvb
File Size: ~80mb
Host: Megaupload
Episodes: ?(ongoing)

Episode 01
Episode 02
Episode 03
Episode 04
Episode 05


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News about Me
Your probably all wondering why there's never any updates anymore so ill tell you.
In the middle of november my dad got sick.
He went into diabetic coma for about a month.
Which brings us to christmas,
which i hope none of you have to spend in a hostpital waiting room.
On the plus side he woke up at the end of december,
then was transferred to another hostpital for rehabilitation.
He was brought home a couple of weeks ago, and
now a family from out of the country is here to help take care of him,
Now, I could concentrate on school but i've missed to many classes and had to drop my english course which puts me even further from graduating.
Well, my cousins been incharge of my H-site for a little while so i'll probably leave him there,
as for this site well i guess i should start uploading.
I've got a heap of anime to catch up on, I havent seen a bunch of the anime this season
As for requests,
i found it highly inappropriate to watch anime ina hostpital,
however i found myself reading shitloads of manga,
if theres any manga you want let me know.
I just found out, the form in the contact page dont work so just send me an email if you need to contact me at
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